Thursday, March 18, 2021

Make a Wish - Project Quilting

Make a Wish, 12" x 16", made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting Season 12, Challenge 6, Ab Intra

Recap for Ab Intra:

"Ab intra is a Latin phrase (therefore. also used in modern legal terms) that means “from within.” Its opposite, ab extra, is “from outside.” Show us what it’s like inside to live in your unique body. What boundaries do you stay within? Who are you inside your social bubble (family, career, society)? How about a wearable art piece – any clothes you’d like to make where you’ll end up literally inside the finished project? Or, show us the internal spark that fires your creativity! What’s in your sketchbook or rolling around in your head?"

I found this theme a bit intimidating. My husband and I often joke about if we had a t-shirt to warn the rest of the world about ourself, what would our t-shirt say? He's a writer, so words are his thing. I'm an artist, so images are my theme. Thinking about what my t-shirt would say made me think of the pile of t-shirts that I've collected to make something out of. I do make t-shirt quilts although I haven't made one for myself. This particular t-shirt image spoke to me about what it's like for me as an artist.

I feel like the art I make is a part of myself and I'm sending it off into the world and maybe some of my art will inspire someone else to grow into the artist they need to be. I did some free-motion quilting, not something I do a lot of, and the path that they took makes me think of how I move through life, not necessarily in a straight line but in a general direction, getting distracted by this thing over here, then back on the path only to get interested in something over there, but eventually in the right direction. 

I wrote the title of the piece at the bottom with free motion quilting.

The backing fabric is also appropriate because I am colorful and bold, although you have to get to know me a bit before I show you my back side, which might have some messy stitches in it.

= = =

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Deb M said...

Love your quilt and accompanying story!

Sharon - IN said...

So pretty! What a neat thought - a t-shirt warning the rest of the world - or showing your life theme? Clever.

Jane, Mulberry Patch Quilts said...

It’s wonderful! A beautiful representation with a lovely story behind it. Love it.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Interesting that you chose a T-shirt to represent who you are, using the stitching to depict your path, and selected a backing fabric to show off your colorful side. LOVE it as a total package!! (Especially since I have made many T-Quilts over the years, but haven't made my own - unless you count the sample quilt that I made for PQ12.3.)

PersimonDreams said...

wow! This is beautiful! I absolutely love your colorful "backside!"