Monday, September 13, 2021

Rainbow Heart - Quilt of the Week

"Rainbow Heart," 6" x 6", handmade by Pam Geisel, 2020

Here is another pieces that uses the rainbow stripe fabric from Timeless Treasures and the Robert Kaufman Effervescence fabric in the "Mardi Gras" colorway. I fussy cut the rainbow stripe so the colors would have the red/orange part around the outside and the other colors would meet in the middle. The horizontal purplish strip is also from the rainbow stripe fabric.

There are four buttons: three are a shiny bluish gray and one is a flat purple on top of one of the gray ones. It is wrapped around a canvas frame.

Because this is the Quilt of the Week, it is 10% off the original price of $50 through 8/19/21 if you purchase directly from me. Details can be found here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

"Stitch by Stitch" YS Textile Art Group show at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs

Stitch By Stitch: A cross-cultural exploration of contemporary textile and fiber art is presented by eight members of the Yellow Springs Textile Art Group. The members, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Carol Culbertson, Pam Geisel, Gayle Gyure, Bette Kelley, Macy Reynolds, Sue Rudolf, and Paula Womacks are all local fiber and textile artists who create innovative embroidery, weaving, and art quilts.

You can view the show during the months of Sept. and Oct. at the Winds Cafe, 215 Xenia Ave. in Yellow Springs. Check their website for their updated hours.

Sue's pieces are included posthumously, and there are three pieces that Sue started that Pam finished (Forget-Me-Not, Afterimage, and Relics). Carol, Gayle, Bette, and Paula all created pieces for the optional challenge and they are hanging in the entry way. Corrine again is participating long distance from her new home in Arizona.

Here are four of my pieces (Sunrise Celebration, Time Lapse Moon Rise, Journey, and Cosmic Connectivity) sandwiched between two of Carol's woven pieces with one of Bette's embroideries on the far right.

Monday, September 6, 2021

If 6 Turned Out to Be 9 - Quilt of the Week

"If 6 Turned Out to Be 9," Art: 7" x 5" / Frame: 8.5" x 6.5", handmade by Pam Geisel, 2020

The piece which is a small art quilt in a frame, was design based on the number 6 in the font Jokerman.

I used the blue section on the Robert Kaufman Effervescence Gradation Rainbow fabric. I'd been using a lot of that fabric series in a few different color ways. I couched a dusty purple yarn around the edges. When looking at the center swirl it's hard to decide if the blue is on the purple or if the purple is on the blue.

This piece can hang either horizontally as shown at the top or vertically as shown above, which really makes the number 6 obvious.

Because this is the Quilt of the Week, it is 10% off the original price of $50 through 9/12/21 if you purchase directly from me. Details can be found here.