Friday, August 12, 2011

Art on the Commons in Kettering this weekend

Booth for art shows, practice picture

Art on the Commons is this Sun., Aug. 14 from 11 am–5 pm. It's located in Lincoln Park Civic Commons which is outside the Fraze Pavillion on Lincoln Park Blvd. in Kettering, Ohio. I'm in booth #61 which looks like it might be in a partly shaded area next to a grove of trees. I've been watching the weather all week and every day the predicted high temperature keeps getting lower, right now it's supposed to be 74 degrees! Perfect!

This week I finally finished making the last of the three mesh panels, which will allow us to enjoy the breeze at the art shows. I had to set up the canopy in order to get the right size for the mesh walls and panels, so I decided to see how it will look with the artwork and I think we're good to go!

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Note Card Sets

Last year after I made the "Glen Helen" art quilt series, I had a set of note cards professionally printed. I was so happy with the way they came out I decided to have a set printed using the "All That Jazz" art quilt series.

And while I was working on that, I remembered that two years ago I made the "Feathers" art quilt series, so I now have note card of that series.

There was also the "Seasons" fabric mosaic series I made last fall and I thought those would also make a nice set of note cards.

And finally, I decided to have a set of note cards made using images from fabric mosaics I've made.

All these notecard sets, plus some fabric quilt square note cards are available in my Etsy store.