Friday, February 3, 2023

Bending Light - Project Quilting

"Bending Light" 6" x 6", made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 14, Challenge 3: 54-40 or Fight

Recap for "54-40 or Fight":

Be inspired by and use the traditional 54-40 or Fight block.

This is the 54-40 or Fight block. It's kind of cool for a traditional block and depending on where you put your darks and lights it can look quite different. 

I played around with some ideas using the whole block but I was mostly inspired by just a small part of it. 

If you imagine the block as a tic-tac-toe board, then I chose just the middle part in the bottom row, which made me think of a prism, even though most prisms are triangles whose sides are all the same length and this triangle is taller than it is wide.

My angles of refraction might also be off, but this isn't science, it's art inspired by science. The physics behind light is cool!

The rainbow is pieced and then appliqued to the black background. The prism is made with two pieces of sheer fabric, one that has sparkles on it and the top one is a thicker gray sheer.

The white line is a white yarn and around the prism are two black yarns, one of which has some green sparkles in it.

It's wrapped around a canvas frame.

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