Thursday, March 4, 2021

Forget-Me-Nots - Project Quilting


"Forget-Me-Nots," 7" x 11", made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 12, Challenge 5, You're Crazy

Recap for You're Crazy

Projects must be inspired by Crazy Quilts. Crazy Quilts are a style of patchwork quilts that usually incorporate small, irregularly shaped pieces of fabric. Often the fabrics used are not what is normally used for patchwork but instead are silks, velvets, and brocades. These were also places where quilters could feature their hand stitching and embroidery skills or places to use special embellishments.

As much as I love the Project Quilting challenges, I've been doing this quilting thing for awhile so I've usually had some encounter with most of the past challenges. This one is different as I've never made a crazy quilt. Not even a single crazy block. So I guess this week really was a challenge for me.

The backstory for this week: recently a quilting friend passed away. To say that Sue was a collector might be an understatement. And even though she'd been working on giving away her stash for several years now, there were still items in her studio when she passed. A few weeks later her children, who I'm also friends with, gave me several large boxes to find a good home for.

I only kept a small amount and passed the rest along to another mutual friend. Of the items I kept were three small pieces that she had started but not finished. I'm not sure what her specific plans were for any of these. She really liked to play around so she might not have had an end goal in mind.

One of the pieces that I kept was because I really liked the soft green fabrics that she was working with and it did remind me of a crazy quilt in style, even though it's more horizontal and less circular. All of the embellishments that I added came from her stash: the ribbons, hand-dyed variegated yarns, glass and pottery beads, and the seven flower shapes that I think might have come off a piece of jewelry.

I didn't really add any quilting other than the couching and I used a knife-edge binding (facing).

Besides being an amazing fabric artists, Sue did many other types of art including embroidery, pottery, mosaic, and painting to name a few. She was also a Master Gardener, which was why I made this into a little garden scene and called it "Forget-Me-Nots."

More about Forget-Me-Nots

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The Joyful Quilter said...

What a beautiful piece of art you created to remember your friend Sue! I'm sure that it will always be special to you.

PersimonDreams said...

It's beautiful and I'm thrilled to hear we challenged you to do something you've never done it before!!!!