Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Zephyr - Project Quilting

"Zephyr," 17.5" x 9", made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 8, Challenge 6: Time is Up, Mar. 2017 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "Time is Up":

Your project should be inspired by time, deadlines, or the end.

I was inspired by the end pieces that I had that were leftover from some bookmarks that I made two years ago. To make bookmarks I sew together long strips of fabric in different colors then I cut them down to the size I need. I usually have some leftover pieces that are 8.5" long but under 1" wide. 

If I sewed them together the finished strip would only be about 3/8" (and have a lot of seams) so I was never sure what to do with them. I put them in a drawer and waited for inspiration.
I was working on other bookmarks today (different color theme) and had more cast off pieces. I went to the draw and pulled out these and started arranging and rearranging them.

Because I didn't want the strips to be 3/8", I fused them to a background and used some black fusible bias tape over the edges. I quilted down the bias tape

I thought it was too structured so I quilted down the bias tape then couched on some multi-colored variegated yarn, isn't it just yummy? I decided to name it "Zephyr" which means "a soft gentle breeze" because I thought the yarn looked like it was being blown around but also because it starts with the letter 'Z' which is at the end of the alphabet.

More about Zephyr

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