Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Bee Kind

"Bee Kind," 11" x 11", handmade by Pam Geisel, May 2022

The hexagon shape is a common shape in quilt patterns, although in order to piece them together you have to do what is called an inset seam, which is when three fabric edges meet in a single junction when sewn together, with the angles different than 90 degrees. This is a tricky skill that I haven't really mastered but if I leave a little space between the hexagons and fuse them to a background, they look like a honeycomb. 

The shape of the whole piece is also a hexagon and I used my favorite facing method to bind it and it went easier than I expected, possibly easier than the usual 90 degree corners. 

In my other word quilts, the letters have mostly been on top of squares but in this one they are on the hexagon shapes. Like the other word quilts the letters have sheer squares of fabric on top of them to give them an added layer of visual texture.

With the exception of the backing fabric, the rest of the fabrics are hand dyed, with the letters "B E E" in warm colors (reds and orange) and the "K I N D" in cool colors (green blues, and purple).

Along the left side of the piece is a honey bee floating along. The body and the wings are all appliqued along the raw edges, the winds are made with a silver sheer fabric, and the antenna are couched yarn with knots on the ends.

The hexagons and letters are quilted with a yellow thread that crosses over the hexagon shapes three times creating diamond shapes. The bee's flight path is indicated with a dotted line hand quilted with black embroidery floss.

More about Bee Kind 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Be a Spark on Exhibit with Best of 2022 Travelling Show

My art quilt "Be a Spark" is in the Ohio Designer Craftsman's "Best of 2022" show. The traveling exhibit will be at the following locations:

Ohio Craft Museum
1665 W. Fifth Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
May 8-June 26
Opening reception Sun., May 8, 1-4 p

Kent State University, CVA (Center for the Visual Arts) Gallery
325 Terrace Dr. Kent, OH
August 25-September 29