Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Island Batik Minis!

Left to right: "Mini Flight," "Delightful Daisy," and "Island Colors," all 6"x6"x1", made by Pam Geisel, September 2016

I found it very satisfying last month when I was able to use up the leftover fabric pieces from "Depth" to create other projects, that I was inspired to find a way to use up some of the leftover pieces from when I made "Flight" back in June.

So I made a table runner that was similar and also two 6 x 6 mini canvases using Island Batik fabrics from the pre-cut California Creamery jelly roll, and the blues and purples from the Wind & Sea colletcion, the Desert Rose collection, and the Sweet Pea collection.

Here's a closer look at the finished pieces:

"Mini Flight" is similar to the larger Flight and the table runner, but with 14 blues or purples. Each strip is only half an inch high. Here's a photo of it in progress:

=  =  =

"Island Colors" uses the same fabrics but instead has 28 squares of blue and purple fabrics that are half an inch square with the half inch cream strips above and below.

Here's a photo of it in progress:

To get those tiny pieces to line up easily (and not have them disappear down the hole the needle goes into), I fused them to a piece of fusible innerfacing, folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the scant quarter inch seam the whole way down. Then I folded where the fabrics met and sewed those down with a scant quarter inch seam.

=  =  =

"Delightful Daisy" uses background pieces leftover from "Psychadelic Pumpkin" but the eight petals are each a different piece of the California Creamery jelly roll. Because the cream colors are so light I fused the pieces to a piece of white fabric so the orange and reds wouldn't show through. 

No in progress photo, but here's a close-up:

The petals are raw edge applique and there's a piece of green thread couched down for the stem (the same yarn that I used for the sea plants in "In Search of the Yellow Submarine.") An antique goldish button was sewn in the middle of the flower.

More about Island Colors and Delightful Daisy

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