Saturday, April 13, 2013

Industrial Dayton - Day 1

"Dayton Landmark Quilts Redux: Industrial Dayton C" (number three of three) to be made by Pam Geisel, 17" x 42", April 2013; reference photo on the left taken by Ronnie Doyal.

A few years ago the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network made several slice quilts from photos of Dayton landmarks. We enjoyed the project so much we decided it was time for a "redux." The photo above on the left was the piece that I was assigned. It's the right most slice of a three part quilt.

This time we were also given an outline drawing. Ronnie, the photographer, used a photo editing program to assign outlines to the buildings then printed it out the actual size that we would need. This one will be 17" wide and 42" high. 

Last time we did this, there were some issues because people went to different copy shops to have their photos enlarged and some of them weren't the correct height. The height is important so that all the quilts will line up when they are hung together.

Having the outlines given to me saved me the step of having to trace the outlines to work from.

If you're familiar with the Dayton area, Ronnie took this photo from the pavilion at the lookout at Woodland Cemetery. The red box shows the part that the three quilts will be made from. The mist behind the buildings (on the left side of my slice) are from the fountains at Riverscape.

Last time I traced my outlines on a back ground fabric and built the quilt on top of that. This time I traced the outlines onto a piece of lightweight fusible innerfacing (with the sticky side up). Because the innerfacing is so thin, it was easy to see the outlines when I was tracing. That also makes it difficult to photograph.

Since you need room for the binding and also extra space if the images shift during the quilting process, I extended all of my shapes 1" beyond the edge of my printed outlines.

Tomorrow...picking fabric and getting started.

To read about all of the steps in making this quilt, click here.

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