Friday, April 12, 2013

Industrial Dayton - Day 2

"Dayton Landmark Quilts Redux: Industrial Dayton C" (number three of three) made by Pam Geisel, 17" x 42", April 2013; reference photo on the left taken by Ronnie Doyal. 

It might not look like I got a lot done but I spent several hours going through my fabric stash to choose the fabrics I wanted to use for this quilt. I like to use batik fabrics for a few reasons:

- They are usually a fairly solid color but have some pattern (texture) to them so they don't read as a flat color.

- They are a higher thread count and less likely to fray on the edges. This technique is raw edge applique so the edges remain exposed.

- They have color all the way through so I don't have to worry about light "outlines" on the edge of the pieces.

I fused the tree and sky pieces directly to the fusible innerfacing.

Tomorrow...starting the buildings on the right side.

To read about all of the steps in making this quilt, click here.


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