Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wish I was there...

With the cold and snow here in Ohio, somewhere that has palm trees growing sounds really nice! "Tropical Sunset" (above) is made with hand-painted fabric the shadow of two palm trees machine appliqued on top. It is 17" wide and 13" tall.

"Watercolor Sunset""Watercolor Sunset" is made with 1.5" squares and instead of using the shapes or colors to make the design, the design is made by the arrangement of darks and lights. (Here's a blog post on how to design a watercolor quilt). It is 17" wide and 13" tall.

Both of these quilts are on display as part of an exhibit of art quilts by the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network at the Clark State University Library. The challenge in putting up this show was because the quilts hang on the ends of the bookshelves, we could only submit quilts less than 20" wide.

The show runs through March 20 and is located on the Clark State University campus, 570 E. Leffel Lane in Springfield, Ohio (follow the signs to the library). The library is open Mon.-Thurs. 8 am-9 pm, Fri. 8 am-5 pm, and Sat. 10 am-3 pm.

My husband I went to see the show over the weekend. We're also thinking of buying a buck stove to put in our large, inefficient fireplace. When checking on-line for buck stove stores in Springfield, I found one near the campus so decided to make it a combined trip. Even more interesting is that this shop is also a quilt shop (more than one way to keep warm!) so even more reason to go. The name of the shop? Creative Fires.

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Holly U said...

Pam, that's a great use of the handpainted fabric! Nice job!