Monday, February 8, 2021

Picnic at Ellis Pond - Quilt of the Week

Picnic at Ellis Pond, 19" x 29", made by Pam Geisel

Picnic at Ellis Pond was one of a series of six quilts that I call my Americana quilts because they have Americana themes but are based on photos that I took around my hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio. This one is set at Ellis Pond which is just outside of the village but is recognizable because of the weeping willow trees located around the pond.

This pond feeds the Yellow Springs Creek which goes through Glen Helen (another art quilt series that I made) and goes into the Little Miami River.

Most of the fabrics that I used for the series were hand dyed although I did use a few batiks, for the quilt under the picnic basket, centers of the flowers, and the pond itself which used a piece that I'd been saving to use as a body of water. I used just a few commercial prints, here I used a basket weave for the picnic basket. I already had the fabric and it was the right scale.

This quilt was included in the "Best of 2014" Ohio Designer Craftsmen's traveling exhibit and was featured in the Autumn 2019 issue of Art Quilting Studio magazine in a story about using perspective with foreground objects.

Because this is the Quilt of the Week, it is 10% off the original price of $400 through 2/14/21 if you purchase directly from me. Details can be found here.

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