Saturday, October 12, 2019

"Letting Go" (gray) and "Whoo?"

"Letting Go," 20" x 28.5", handmade by Pam Geisel, October 2019

I don't tend to use a lot of fabrics with bold designs or a lot of printing but I have noticed I'm attracted to artwork that has layers of circles on them. I did have a design idea that could use a bold print so I searched for fabric with circles printed on it and came across some Robert Kaufman fabric called Effervescence, which came in several colorways and blends. I was drawn to this fabric that blended from a light gray to black.

Robert Kaufman, Effervescence, Gradation Gray

I played around with an idea and came up with this flower shape made with oval petals. I cut a template so I could determine that I'd have enough gradation in each petal.

I ironed fusible to the back, cut out the petals, and fused them to a black fabric that had small circles printed on it, including one petal that is moving away from the others (the one that is "Letting Go."). 

I pin basted the quilt top with batting and a backing fabric then quilted around the raw edges of the petals. I also quilted nine more petals (or parts of petals on the edges) in the extra space on the left side of the quilt. 

I added nine plastic brown buttons, sewing them on with black embroidery thread but not in the usual way you sew on a button. I also added a pink ivory wood button to the center of the "flower." I bought this handmade button in Paducah, KY, but the card didn't have the maker's name on it.

"Whoo?," 6" x 6" x .5", handmade by Pam Geisel, October 2019

I only used the left half of the fabric that I bought. Perhaps I'll make another one with the right half, which has more brown in it. I did have a few small leftover pieces that I used to make this small 6" x 6" owl piece that is wrapped around a canvas.

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