Friday, April 16, 2021

Musings on Flowers, Warm vs. Cool Colors, and Lobby Show Themes

"Morning Glories for Georgia" and "Delightful Daisy" (not to scale)

Today I stopped into Village Artisans, the artist co-op that I belong to in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Today was the day we hung a new lobby show. The theme of the new show is "Spring Forward" so I decided to put in two of my flower pieces. The show will be up through June 3.

"Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom" and "Forget-Me-Nots" (also not to scale)

I removed the two piece I had in the last show and returned them to my spot in the gallery. What I noticed was that these two pieces also had flowers so they would have fit the theme of the new show. The show that they were in was "Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors" and I noticed that the two pieces that are going into the new show would have also been appropriate for the previous show, since "Morning Glories for Georgia" has cool colors, and "Delightful Daisy" has warm colors.


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