Monday, April 12, 2021

Cabin Sweet Cabin - Quilt of the Week

Cabin Sweet Cabin, 20" x 20", handmade by Pam Geisel

This was the third quilt I made in the Focus Through the Prism series. Like A Second Self, this one has four of the traditional Log Cabin block but unlike A Second Self, I had to get a little more creative to have the black square in the center. Fortunately because there's a lot of quilting, you have to look closely to see the piecing.

I wanted to use the colors in rainbow order and the color that would have the most showing would be purple, so this is the purple one. I also like how the purple interacts with the black border.

All of the seven quilts in the Focus Through the Prism series:

- Use all of the seven colors but have one main color (with smaller pieces of fabric almost the same color to give it some visual texture)

- Have a black border with brown stars

- Have bits of the focus color on the black square in the middle, on the border, and on top of the other colors

- Have a piece of black yarn couched on top

- Have curved quilting lines 1/4" apart that echo the shape of the yarn

In this piece the focus color is PURPLE and the yarn represents SMOKE RISING FROM A CHIMNEY.

My series was featured in Art Quilting Studio Magazine's Autumn 2018 issue on working in a series and they were also included with several quilts that other people made for the Focus Through the Prism challenge including the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in 2016. Above is Cabin Sweet Cabin with some of the other purple quilts.

Because this is the Quilt of the Week, it is 10% off the original price of $300 and as a special deal, all of the Focus Through the Prism quilts are 10% off through 5/16/21 if you purchase directly from me. Details can be found here.


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