Monday, January 9, 2017

Solo Art Quilt Exhibit at the Yellow Springs Brewery

I am very excited to have my own solo show at the Yellow Springs Brewery! It will be the first time that all of my "Focus Through the Prism" quilts (above) have been show together locally.

Top left: String Theory; bottom left: Ten Stars on Sticks; right: Journey

It is also the first time that "Journey" (the red and black one above, right) will be shown (not including during the Open Studios event that was held at my studio).

Left: Branches; top right: The View From My Hammock; bottom right: Mermaid Haiku

The exhibit runs from Jan. 10 through Feb. 5 and is free and open to the public Mon.-Fri. from 3-10 pm, Sat. from 1-10 pm, and Sun. from 1-8 pm. The Yellow Springs Brewery is located at 305 N. Walnut St. in Yellow Springs.

There will be an art party on Sun., Jan. 15 from 2-4 pm.

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