Thursday, November 12, 2015

Red Rubber Ball - Project Quilting

"Red Rubber Ball," 20" x 20", made for Project Quilting, Focus Through the Prism, Challenge 7: Snow Ball, Nov. 2015 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

This is my seventh and final entry in the Project Quilting "Focus Through the Prism" challenge. To play along you need to purchase a ROYGBIV hand-dyed bundle of fabric from Cherrywood Fabrics and then at the beginning of the month a traditional quilting block is selected. Participants get to chose which of the seven focus fabrics they want to emphasize for the month, but other fabrics can be added.

All quilts will be made 20" x 20" with the intention of displaying them together in the future.

November's block is "Snow Ball."

I wanted my design to be similar to the other quilts I've made for the Focus Through the Prism challenges: "Monkey Tail",  "A Second Self", "Cabin Sweet Cabin", "Positively Pinwheels!", "Chasing Geese", and "Nine Ball."

Since the only color I hadn't used was red, that is the color for this quilt. I made four of the snow balls red and used the other colors for the other snow balls and the two darkest colors for the corner pieces.

I pieced the Snow Ball blocks together around by 5" black center. I fused fabric in similar colors on top of the pieced fabrics and I used the same border fabric and couched a piece of black yarn, this time representing a bouncing ball. Then I quilted black quilting lines that echoed the yarn at 1/4" apart.

I used a knife-edge facing to bind the quilt.

More about Red Rubber Ball and my Focus Through the Prism series

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