Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Learning To Fly - Project Quilting

"Learning To Fly," 13" x 20", made for Project Quilting, Season 7, Challenge 2: Seasons, Jan. 2016 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for  "Seasons":
Your inspiration for this challenge is seasons. You can choose one season or all of them. Or pick another meaning of seasons, maybe seasons of life.

I spent far too much time thinking about this challenge. I think I was trying to hard, trying to make this piece something that it's not. Once I realized that, it became easier. I decided to something Springy, perhaps because I'm already over Winter this year.

I started with a piece of hand dyed fabric that made me think of the sky. It already had fusible on the back so I fused it to a piece of batting, added a backing fabric, and started by quilting these pieces together.

Then I cut some paper to figure out what size I wanted the kite to be, then I made a paper template (adding the 1/4" seam allowance) and pieced the kite. 

I fused it to a piece of batting, folded the 1/4" edges over, then quilted it in place. I added the couched black yarn for the kite string and the couched fun fur yarn for the kite's tail.

For the ties on the tail I cut some batik fabrics to 1.5" x 5". I laid them out lengthwise and folded the top and bottom edges so they met in the middle (now measuring .75" x 5"). I folded that in half lengthwise (now measuring .375" x 5") so the raw edges were now in the middle. I could have sewn tubes for this part but I wanted the look of hand tied fabric.

I tied these pieces so there was a knot in the middle and trimmed them a little bit. I hand-sewed them in place on the kite tail.

I thought it needed something more so I added the three small kites in the background. I didn't want them to draw too much attention so I kept them in the blue family and made them pretty small. I quilted their kite strings with black thread and for the tails I left the thread I used to applique them down with.

I made a pieced border using batik fabrics then couched more of the fun fur along that edge.

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DownHome Designs said...

Looks great, Pam. I love the kites!

Carla said...

I love all the details. I especially like how the other kites look far off i the distance. Your fur adds so much texture to the border.

SuperMomNoCape said...

I love your kite quilt! Those smaller kites add a feeling of depth and distance. Well Done! You got my vote.

Janet Hartje said...

I love the whimsy of this quilt. Lot's of fun details. I love spring too!