Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photos from the "Five in Fiber" Exhibit at the Troy-Hayner Center

In case you can't make it to see the exhibit in person, here are photos from the “Five in Fiber” art quilt exhibit at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

There are over 60 art quilts made by A. Sue DeSantis, Ronnie Doyal, Pam Geisel, Carroll Schleppi, and Lisa Quintana.

The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is located at 301 W. Main St. in Troy and is open Mon. evenings 7-9p, Tues.-Thurs. 9a-9p, Fri. & Sat. 9a-5p, and Sun. 1-5p.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 4. Some of the quilts are downstairs but most of them are upstairs in the gallery room and in the hallway.

There will be a presentation by four of the exhibitors on the Dayton Landmark quilts on Sun. Sept. 27 at 2 pm.

If you've never been to the Troy-Hayner, it is a beautiful building (that used to be a private house).  The photo above is the front porch.

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Kathy Kinsella said...

What a great exhibit ... Wish I didn't live thousands of miles away!