Friday, September 6, 2013

Yellow Springs Americana Series: Sunflowers at Whitehall Farm

"Sunflowersat Whitehall Farm," 17.5" x 28", made by Pam Geisel, July 2013

Just north of Yellow Springs on State Route 68 there’s a field that for the last several years has had sunflowers planted in it. There have been a few near accidents because so many people stop to take photos because it’s such an awe-inspiring sight.

Part of the property has a wire fence but I decided to use my artistic license and add the wooden fence so I had somewhere to lean the bicycle.

"Sunflowers at Whitehall Farm" detail

The sunflowers are made from three different commercial sunflower prints that vary in size. I added the brown batik fabric to the center of all the sunflowers to unify them. I also added over a hundred light purple seed beads to represent the centers of the last rows of sunflowers.

I found the perfect hand-dyed fabric that had yellow and green blended together to use for the background behind the sunflower stems.

"Sunflowers at Whitehall Farm" detail

The chain on the bicycle is black cord that is couched down and the spokes are stitched thread.

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