Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures in Design: Texture

“Every Fiber of Her Being,” 9” x 7.5”, made by Pam Geisel June 2013

The next design element, Texture, adds “extra spice and visual richness to a design” states Joen Wolfrom in her book “Adventures in Design.”

Unlike most 2-D graphic design where texture is indicated, in fabric texture is already literal. For this piece I added some crocheted yarn for the shawl and soft, fuzzy yarn for the hair.

The other part of our assignment was to use a geometric shape placed on top of the color wheel to determine the colors to be used in this quilt, although neutral colors can also be added.

I used a triangle (a triadic color plan) and got blue-violet (the background), green (her dress), and orange (her hair).

As a fiber artist I’ve always loved the phrase “With every fiber of my being” so I decided to do a literal interpretation of that phrase.

Is this a self portrait? Well, I’m a pale woman who wears glasses. My hair is blonde (and currently shorter than here) but not only didn’t I have any yarn that was close in color to my hair, it also wouldn’t have met the color criteria for this quilt. Plus the orange/red hair goes better with the colors in the other quilts in this series.

I couched the yarn on this quilt and I also couched the crocheted doily with the same color thread, which worked better than I thought it would. The glasses and face are hand-stitched.

Tomorrow...Adventures in Design:  Shape

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