Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adventures in Design art quilts

Adventures in Design series, made by Pam Geisel June 2013 

My art quilt group, the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network, has been holding Study Group meetings once a month where we explore design principles while working through the book “Adventures in Design” by Joen Wolfrom.

Because my background is in graphic design and I am already familiar with most of these concepts I thought it would be fun to take the title of this book literally and make a series of quilts that explore design principles.

This series covers these design elements: Line, Color, Letters/Words, Proportion and Scale, Texture, and Shape. Over the next few days I will focus on each quilt and the concept it covers.

My quilts are on display along with quilts made by other members of the study group from July 1 through Aug. 31 in the Epiphany Gallery at South Park United Methodist Church, 140 Stonemill Road in Dayton, Ohio. The quilts can be viewed Mon.-Thurs. from 9 am-2 pm and on Sunday before and after the service.

Tomorrow...Adventures in Design: Line

More about the Adventure in Design series


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