Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventures in Design: Color

“Colorful Language,” 9” x 7.5”, made by Pam Geisel June 2013

The design element for this quilt is the most visible concept: color. Color can create mood, evoke feelings, and create visual drama.

For our assignment we were given a set of color chips and told to select a color we consider to be ugly. I chose Olive Green. Then we were told to pick colors that would go with the ugly color and make a quilt with it.

When I got home and looked at my fabric, I had several olive green pieces that I really liked so to me there was a big difference between a flat color on a color chip and the rich color of a textured or batik fabric. Not to mention I have a lot of olive green clothing, especially pants and shorts so the color must not be that ugly to me.

There are a lot of phrases with the word color but not a whole lot that don’t actually have to do with color so for my literal interpretation I went with a sanitized version of “Colorful Language,” although two of my words are also verbs (“SHOOT a photo” and “DARN a sock”).

To make this quilt I printed the words in reverse, traced onto fusible web, fused to back of the fabric bubble (the darker color) and cut out the letters, much like reverse raw edge appliqué. I placed these fabric bubbles over lighter color fabric.

For font geeks: “Shoot” is AR Christy, “Darn is Showcard Gothic, and “Geez” is Matisse ITC.

Tomorrow...Adventures in Design: Letters/Words

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