Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Quilts" in Atlanta

My husband attended and presented at a conference in Atlanta, GA and I went along for fun. Here are some of the "quilts" I found.

You might remember a few years back that Atlanta hosted the Centennial Olympics. Part of the area has been turned into Centennial Park, and I was thrilled to see a quilt-theme in the park. There are five terraced plazas, each with a different theme: Quilt of Olympic Spirit, Quilt of Nations, Quilt of Dreams, Quilt of Remembrance and Quilt of Origins. Each plaza is marked by quilt squares etched in granite.

They also have a terrace fountain that passes through them and there is a Virginia Reel quilt pattern etched in the stones in the bottom of the pools.

The Atlanta History Center had a section on Folk Art and included both a traditional quilt and a modern Watercolor quilt, which looks like it might have been made for the Centennial Olympics as the heart appears to be on the highest step of a three-step podium, so I guess this quilt won the gold medal.

I also visited the High Art Museum.  You aren't allowed to publish photos taken in the museum on the web, so I didn't take any photos there.  They also had an area dedicated to folk art and I think I remember seeing one quilt in that section.

We stopped at Red Hen Fabrics, the largest quilt shop in Georgia, where I bought a few pieces of fabric. It’s located in Marietta which is 20 miles north of Georgia on I-75, so it really wasn’t out of our way at all.

If you're interested in reading more about my trip to Atlanta, visit my travel blog here.

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