Monday, April 25, 2011

Large Leaf Magnolia bloom art quilt

Our friend Dan has a Magnolia macrophylla tree (aka a Large Leaf Magnolia tree), and the leaves from this tree can get pretty large. It also has some impressive blooms. To celebrate his birthday and also his 25th wedding anniversary, his wife Susan commissioned this art quilt to hang in their foyer. The quilt is pretty big, it's 39" wide and 37" high, so the bloom is larger than life, but maybe not by much. I used batik fabrics for the bloom and also for the background then I added two inner borders and an outer border. I hadn't planned on using a stripe fabric but when I bought the two batik fabrics that were used in the background, I saw the striped fabric and noticed that the same colors were in it as were in the batik, so I bought it also. There is a lot of quilting on the flower and also in the background but I liked the way the borders looked without any quilting so I stitched-in-the-ditch to secure them but didn't do any more quilting to it.

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