Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Personalized Quilt

This is a custom quilt that I made which is going to be a Christmas gift for a special little girl. The checkerboard background is made of white, red, yellow, green and blue with blue borders and her name in white letters across the middle. There are five blocks that use all four of the colors in a 4-patch arrangement and three with a diamond combination.

Because the letters are made with white fabric, I used two layers of fabric to keep the colors from showing through. Very similar to the "Big E" that I made, the letters with straight edges are actually folded under (like with needle-turn applique) although the "C" and "O" have raw edges. All the letters have a tight, white zigzag stitch all the way around them to keep them attached for years.

This quilt is 48" x 58".

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OliveStreetStudio said...

Very nice! I like the bright, primary colors.