Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Conversations in Fabric" Quilt Exhibit at the Ohio Craft Museum

"If your quilt could speak, what would it say?" That was the question posed by the Ohio Craft Museum when the put together this wonderful exhibition. My friend Lori and I went to see it today and it was a real treat.

My background is in graphic design and I have a particular interest in typography, so this show was especially interesting to me. Several of the quilts did have words on them or incorporated into them, which is something that I have just recently had some experience with (The Big E and the personalized quilt I did earlier this month) and I really want to do more of.

Two of my favorites were made by Lisa Binkley and Marlene Ferrell Parillo. Lisa's "Floating and Grounded" has an embroidered haiku while Marlene's "Dream City" uses images to describe what her dreams are saying to her. She also incorporates a lot of ceramic fixtures which she also makes and you can see at her website. Both had a significant amount of beadwork, which is another reason that I liked them.

If you do get a chance to go see it in person, the Ohio Craft Museum is located at 1665 W. Fifth Ave. in Columbus, Ohio, and is open Mon.-Fri. 10 am-5 pm and Sat. and Sun. 1-4 pm. The exhibition is free but donations are accepted.

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