Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Two New Skinny Art Quilts with Funny Names


ICNINDC and ICDbirDNDskI, each 9" x 22:, made by Pam Geisel, Oct. 2021

My husband is a fan of the children's book by William Steig titled "CDB" which substitutes letters for words that create short sentences. For these two, I used a similar approach. The piece on the left is called "ICNINDC" (I See and Eye in the Sea) and the one on the right is ICDbirDNDskI (I See the Birdy in the Sky).

Both quilts have backgrounds made of triangles pieced together with the one on the right being either a sunset or a sunrise.

You might notice with the one with the fish that only one of the three fish has an eye showing, although that is not where the title comes from. It comes from one of the printed background fabrics that looks like it has little orange eyes printed on it.

This one also has yarn couched down like seaweed and seagrass, some gold sequins, and a seashell.

The bird one has some silver sequin stars in the purple area and two red stars in the orange area. It also has some yarn couched along the angles.

The backing and borders are made with yellow, orange, pink, and purple fabrics that match up to the color changes on the front.

These two are both in my solo exhibit at the Yellow Springs Brewery which is up through Jan. 5, 2022. The brewery is located at 305 N. Walnut Street in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and they are open Mon.-Th. 1-9 pm, Fri. 1-10 pm, Sat. noon-10 pm, and Sun. noon-8 pm.

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