Wednesday, September 29, 2021

NEW Dog & Cat themed Wine Glass Coasters


I found some adorable cat and dog fabric and not knowing what else to make with it, I made some new wine glass coaters sets! There are two different black and white cat sets (one with a little bit of blue and the other with a piece of fabric that has the cats doing laundry!) and a set with dogs including some that look like dachshunds.

We've owned several cats in our lives and while I've never had one get into the washer, there was one that got into the dryer as I was unloading it, and another that did watch the washer when it was running.

I don't usually show the bottom of the wine glass coasters, but some of the black and white cats (the other fabric with the laundry set) has an image of a cat looking through a fish bowl and some of these images ended up on the bottom of the wine glass coaster. I thought this was super cute.

They are in my Etsy shop and at Village Artisans in Yellow Springs, but you can always contact me if you'd like to purchase some.

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