Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Art to UPlift: Watercolors & Art Quilts by Libby Rudolf & Pam Geisel

"Daybreak is Your Midnight" and "Whoo?" are two of the pieces that I have in the Art to UPlift show at the Winds Cafe.

While unfortunately all of the festival shows that I do (Art on the Lawn, Yellow Springs Open Studios, and Art & Soul) have been cancelled for 2020, I did recently get an opportunity to be a part of an exhibit at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs. My friend Libby, who paints amazing watercolors, was scheduled to have a show and the person she was going to exhibit with wasn't able to participate so she asked me.

The show can be seen in person at the Winds Cafe, 215 Xenia Ave. in Yellow Springs when they are open or at our Virtual Reception here. We are not having a reception but are open to meeting people at Winds for a drink or a personal tour.

Both of our husbands are board members for the Glen Helen Association and they have recently helped negotiate for the Association to purchase the Glen from Antioch College. The Glen was closed at the start of the pandemic and hasn't yet reopened and not only are donations needed to make the purchase, they are also needed to reopen the Glen and to keep in running. Libby and I decided that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our artwork will go to the Save the Glen fund. We'll donate 10% of sales for pieces that are $499 and under and 25% for pieces that are $500 and up.

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