Saturday, December 30, 2017

Custom Quilts made in 2017

It's my annual look back on the custom quilts I made during the year that I haven't shared yet (some were gifts).

Click on the photos to see larger views.

Ariel's Double-Sided T-shirt quilt. 46" x 80"

Alice's Double-Sided T-shirt Quilt, 85" x 91"

Jo Jo's Double-Sided T-shirt quilt, 58" x 78"

YSKP T-shirt quilt, 46" x 80"

Salem T-shirt quilt, 46" x 88"

Gypsy Moon bed quilt and pillow cases, 88" x 93"

House Banners art quilts, 16" x 21", each

White Mum Corsage Fabric Mosaic, 11" x 14" framed

Skull & Flower art quilt ala Georgia O'Keeffee, 6" x 6" x 1"

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