Monday, October 12, 2015

The FINAL Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour: meet my guest artists

This weekend is the 15th and Final Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour. On Sat., Oct. 17 and Sun. Oct. 18, from 10 am-6 pm you can visit 26 artists at eight locations. This is my eigth year participating as a host, and this year I have three guest artists. Let's have a look at what they do.

Alice Young-Basora creates unique jewelry using beads of stone, glass, and handmade paper, vintage buttons, and recycled fabrics and painted canvas. Each handmade bead is unique, as is each painted canvas flower, yielding completely different pieces of jewelry art. When using hand-painted canvas, fabric, paper and beads, she uses up-cycled materials when possible.

Geno Luketic creates both functional and sculptural pottery. Wood firing allows the nature of the material be apparent in the finished work as he does not want to hide the clay beneath harsh uniform glazes or sharp structured forms.

Krissie Mastin’s art is a journey. She scours the Midwest for leftover articles from the past. Once her stash is sufficient, she pounds, melts, hammers, transfers, patinates, and shines to reinvent beauty from the leftover and forgotten. Most of her designs include basic metalworking techniques incorporated with found objects, recycled metals and oddities unknown to create inspirational pieces that have meaning to their wearer.

The tour is a driving tour. Visit the Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour website for more information about the other hosts and guest artists and to download a tour map. Maps can also be picked up at the Winds Cafe, Young's Dairy, the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce, and at the artists studios the days of the tour. All studios will have red balloons and signs. 

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