Monday, September 21, 2015

Dayton Landmarks Presentation at Troy-Hayner Center Sept. 29

"The Dayton Art Institute" part of the "Dayton Landmark Quilts" by the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network. The three quilt panels on the right were made by Lori Gravely, Lisa Quintana, and Mindy Marik.

The art quilt group that I belong to, the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network, did some group projects a few years ago called the "Dayton Landmark Quilts." Photographs were taken of Dayton Landmarks then the photos were cut apart vertically into two or more slices.

The slices were assigned to different quilters and the only rules were that they had to be the same height and we had to try to use realistic colors as close to the photograph as possible, but the style and techniques were up to us.

The group of six quilts were displayed around town and got such a great reaction and we had so much fun doing them, that we did a second group of eight quilts.

In conjunction with the Five in Fiber exhibit at the Troy-Hayner Center in Troy, Ohio, four of us are giving a presentation about the landmark quilts and how we made them. We'll have a slide show that shows all of the quilts as well as the original photographs, and we'll have some of the quilts on display during the presentation, including "The Dayton Art Institute" (above) which is hanging in the show.

The presentation will be this Sunday, Sept. 29  at 2 pm at the Troy-Hayner Center, 301 W. Main St. in Troy, Ohio.

If you’ve never been to the Troy-Hayner center, it’s worth a visit just to see the inside of this beautiful building, which used to be Mrs. Hayner’s home. While you’re there you can check out the giant Abraham Lincoln one block southeast.

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