Monday, December 29, 2014

Custom Quilts made in 2014

It's my annual look back on the custom quilts I made during the year that were made as gifts, so I didn't want to show them too soon and accidentally ruin the surprise.

Click on the photos to see larger views.

"True Lover's Knot" queen-sized bed quilt, 82" x 92" with matching pillow cases, made for a wedding gift.


= = =
Front of two-sided t-shirt quilt with 41 shirts, 1 leotard, 2 patches, 2 canvas bags, and two pieces of special fabric.

Back of t-shirt quilt, 57" x 77"

= = =

 "December Cardinal" fabric mosaic, 11" x 14" framed

= = =

Mr. Sports T-shirt quilt, 48" x 80"

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Astrid said...

Wow Pam, you have been busy. These are all wonderful gifts.