Friday, January 11, 2013

Lime Squares - Project Quilting

 "Lime Squares"  12" x 12", made for Project Quilting, 
Season 4, Challenge 1: A Square in a a square..., Jan. 2013

Quick recap of the challenge: "A Square in a a square..."
1. Your inspiration for this challenge is Square in a Square. Interpret it however you’d like. It is an inspiration, not a pattern, so be creative.

25 small 1/2" lime squares are placed slightly angled in (on top of) 25 1-1/4" colored batik squares that are arranged so the colors blended from an orange brown to red to purple to blue to green. Every other colored square is inside a square quilted with white thread.

The squares are quilted through the center in both directions with lime green thread, which attaches them to the background, allowing the corners of the colored squares to float up.

The quilt is 12" square and is wrapped around stretcher bars making it 3/4" deep. Tiny lime green seed beads are sewn where the quilting lines cross on the lime green squares.

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