Sunday, December 30, 2012

Custom Quilts made in 2012

Lots of pictures in this post (click on the photos to see larger views).

"Red, Red Rose," 60" x 36"; cotton, velvet, and satin fabrics.

"Grandma’s Hankies," 58" x 70"; handkerchiefs, table cloth border

Wilmington United Methodist Church Fabric Mosaic, 11" x 14" framed

Miami Valley School Fabric Mosaics, 11" x 14" framed

Johnny B. Goode T-shirt Quilt, 48" x 80"
Theta Chi T-shirt Quilt, 46" x 73"
Heavy Metal T-shirt Quilt, 47" x 86"

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DownHome Designs said...

Pam, I especially love the rose and the school mosaics. Beautiful work as always!