Monday, June 18, 2012

Eight Quilts...Six Locations...One Day...June 23

I have several quilts out in exhibitions this summer. Because of the overlapping schedules, on June 23 I'll have eight different quilts in six different locations.

"Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom" is at the Ohio Craft Museum, 1665 W. Fifth Avenue in Columbus, although June 23 is the last day. It will move on to the Wayne Center for the Arts in Wooster, Ohio from July 12-August 18 and then to the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio from September 14-November 9.

= = = 

"Sacred Heart Church #1" and "Dayton Skyline #6" are both part of the Dayton Landmark Quilts. The other 20 panels were made by members of the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network. These quilts are at the Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, Ohio, but only until June 24. They will be in other locations this summer and fall.

= = = 

"Early Morning Nine Patch - Montana Sky" is in "
The View," the annual landscape competition at the Rosewood Arts Centre, 2655 Olsen Drive in Kettering, Ohio. That show runs until July 6. This quilt won "Best in Show." 

=  =  =

"Zig Zag Twist" and Dancing Geese are included in the Monday Morning Artists' Exuberance exhibit at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery, 111 Corry St. in Yellow Springs until July 14. If you come to Yellow Springs to see this exhibit, be sure to go across the street to visit Village Artisans where I'm one of 20 co-op artists.

= = = 

"Sometimes I Dream of Flying" will be at The Good Earth, the annual art quilt exhibit at the Aullwood Audubon Center in Dayton, Ohio. That show starts on June 23 and ends on August 19.

= = =

"Inside of a Dog," an exhibit in the Dayton Art Institute's Experiencenter runs through April 2013. The museum is located at 456 Belmonte Park North in Dayton, Ohio.

Wanna go on a road trip? I've already planned the route, it's 90 miles and will take 2.25 hours for driving. Depending on how long you want to spend looking at the art, add half an hour to an hour per location. And don't forget time for lunch. And maybe dinner, too! (If you skip Columbus, it's 36.5 miles and takes 1.25 hours for driving.)

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