Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Using Binder Clips When Binding

I saw a tip recently in Quilting Arts Magazine, the Oct/Nov 2011 issue (yes, I'm a little behind in my reading) about using binder clips to hold the binding on while quilting, instead of using pins.

The next day I was sewing binding to a queen-sized bed quilt and thought I'd try it out and it worked like a charm! I'm not sure if it saved me any time but it was a lot less cumbersome than using pins and I didn't have to worry about the pins catching on the quilt or each other when I moved it around on the table. And there were also no pins to stick me while I was sewing.

It seems obvious to me now, after all, they are called "binder" clips.

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Holly U said...

What a great idea! Pinning us a tedious hassle and not pinning is prone to getting wonky (voice of experience). This is a perfect middle ground!