Monday, April 16, 2012

International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio

The International Quilt Festival happened in Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend. I went on the last day of the show, so it's now over, but it will be back next year, April 12-14, 2013.

It was fun to see some of my quilting friends like Lisa and Maxine who are in the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network. I also got to spend a little bit of time with one of my on-line friends, Cathy.

And I got to see quilts by my on-line Etsy quilting group Quiltsy, and it was fun to recognize their work before I looked at the quilter's name. They all graciously gave me permission to post the photos that I took of their quilts.

"Hollyhock Cottage" by Sally Manke

"Silkroad Treasures" by Heather Lair

"Looking Up" by Terry Aske

"Spring Blossoms" by Terry Aske

There were so many wonderful quilts to look at, some you could take photos of and some you couldn't. I was also able to take photos of the "Twelve by Twelve" quilts. They are twelve quilt artists who have created a 12x12 inch quilted art piece based on a theme or color palette.

Theme: Math 

Color: Eggplant

The Twelve by Twelve artists are: Deborah Boschert, Gerrie Congdon, Helen Conway, Kirsten Duncan, Terry Grant, Diane Perin Hock, Fran├žoise Jamart, Kristin La Flamme, Karen Rips, Brenda Gael Smith, Terri Stegmiller, and Nikki Wheeler.

If you want to know more about the Twelve by Twelve quilts and quilters, visit their blog. Direct links will take you to the Theme Page and the Color Page.

Other International Quilt Festvial venues:
If you're going to be in Long Beach, CA July 27-29, 2012, you can see the Twelve by Twelve quilts at the there. "Looking Up" will also be at the Long Beach show, and "Spring Blossoms," "Hollyhock Cottage," and "Silkroad Treasures" will be at both the Long Beach and Houston shows.


Holly U said...

How did I manage to not know there's an International Quilt Show so close to home? I'm putting next year's on my calendar. Thanks!

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Dear Pam
Thank you so much for your photos of the Twelve by Twelve special exhibit (it makes it more real!) and for the links back to our blog and website. None of us could make it to Cincinnati but some of the Twelves will be at Long Beach.

Gerrie said...

Thanks for your nice comments about our exhibit. We were sorry that none of us could be there in person.

Sally said...

Pam, Thanks so much for featuring my Hollyhock Cottage quilt in your blog! IQA Quilt Show was the place for quilters to be this past weekend.

I was facinated by the Twelve by Twelve quilts, as well. Each 12"X12" work was a masterpiece by it's self.

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Pam - thanks for including my two quilts in your blog. It's so cool to know that you recognized my work when you saw it.