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Zig Zag Twist - Project Quilting

“Zig Zag Twist” 22" x 25.5", made for Project Quilting, 
Season 3, Challenge 6: Ziggin’ and a Zaggin’, Mar. 2012

Recap of the challenge: “Ziggin’ and a Zaggin’”
This week’s inspiration is zigzag. Your challenge is to go beyond the basic zigzag quilt

First I looked at other Zig Zag quilts on-line and I found lots of lovely quilts, most with white background. I also looked at how to make a Zig Zag quilt and one person wrote that they are made of half-square triangles, and I remembered that I had several half-square batik triangles left over from another project.

So I got the triangles out and started playing around with a layout idea. At first I thought I’d make a square quilt with three zig zags so I picked out the pink, red, and purple triangles. As an afterthought, I also took out some blue ones.

I tried them on a few different color backgrounds but decided on black. I’ve used batiks and black before and I love the way it makes the color pop. I played around with moving them apart both horizontally and vertically and finally decided to put a thin black line between the colored pieces horizontally.

On a whim I turned the zig zag pieces on an angle…liked that, but I’d want to square it up. I decided to make some fabric mosaics (small pieces of fabric fused to a backing fabric, covered with netting then quilted in place) to use to contain the space the zig zags were in.

I added black fabric to square it up but it needed more so I made wide black borders. I couched a variegated yarn to contain the zig zags and the fabric mosaics.

For the quilting I used black on the color zig zags and fabric mosaic parts, and color fabric on the black zig zags that started at one fabric mosaic and went to another. I finished the quilt with a strip-facing technique for the binding.

More about Zig Zag Twist

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Pamela said...

What a gorgeous quilt! Love hearing about how you designed it, too. Nice work!