Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Yellow Strings" Journal Cover - Project Quilting

Recap of the challenge: 

"It's Where I Live"

1. Think about where you live. Take as narrow or as wide a view as you like. Your project should be inspired by where you live.

2. The color scheme for your project will be determined by where you live. Take the first letter of your street, your city and your state. No other colors can be added except in the embellishments.

The Color Scheme: My street starts with an "R", my city a "Y" and my state an "O." The obvious choices are Red, Yellow and Orange. I considered digging deeper for other colors but decided to go with the obvious.

If you look at my last three Project Quilting entries, you'll notice that they are primarily green and blue. While I was working on "Early Morning Nine Patch" I was using some of the wonderful hand-dyed fabric I got from DyeCandy when I won Project Quilting last year, and I noticed that I've used a lot of the green and blues but none of the red, orange or yellows.

It's Where I Live: I live in Yellow Springs, Ohio, a small artsy town surrounded by farmland and nature preserves between Dayton and Columbus. The use of "Yellow" in my quilt is an obvious nod to our town.  Our town is named after a ground-fed spring located in Glen Helen Nature Preserve. The spring has a high iron content which looks more orange than it does yellow, so I included more shades of orange than yellow in this project. (In 2010 I made a set of 6 small quilts featuring places in Glen Helen. You can view the blog post about those quilts here.)

Photo by Corrine Bayraktaroglu
We are also home to Antioch College and the Antioch Writers Workshop plus many self supporting artists. I decided my project would be a cover for a blank, unlined journal, like what a writer or artist would use.

Another of the artsy features in our town is that some of the local fiber artists have been "Yarn Bombing" the trees, telephone poles, street signs and basically anything that doesn't move. I wanted to honor these women so I couched some red-orange-yellow variegated yarn to the front of the journal cover.

There is also a lot of other interesting public art in our town.

I've titled this journal cover "Yellow Strings." The cover includes a hard-back, journal/sketchbook with 108 sheets of 65 lb. acid-free, unlined paper. The back of the cover doesn't have yarn on it but shows off the lovely gradation of the colors.

To see the other entries go to the It's Where I Live page.


jafabrit said...

oh wow, how cool is this :) I love your explanation and links, and title cover for the journal, great play on words.

Libby Rudolf said...

Lovely! I like your discriptions of our little slice of heaven, Yellow Springs...

nice interpretation of the challenge.

Holly U said...

Yellow Strings, hee! Love it. Thanks for giving me an art-inspired grin on a not-very-grin-worthy day.