Friday, January 7, 2011

"Spring Forward" and "Kiwi Flowers" in Flower Power!

Me with Kiwi Flowers (left) and Spring Forward (right). Read more about both of these quilts below.

"Spring Forward," made by Pam Geisel, March 2008

I made "Spring Forward" back in 2008. The inspiration for this quilt was the background fabric which had orange and green on it.

The flowers are pieced with orange hand dyed fabrics and the tulip type flowers has hand sewn orange beads.

The ground, stems, and leaves are a green fabric with squiggly waves on it. I also added some green and orange button on the left and right sides of the quilt.

More about Spring Forward 

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"Kiwi Flowers," made by Pam Geisel, April, 2008

This quilt was made for an ugly fabric challenge. Everyone who participated was sent this "ugly" fabric to use to make an art quilt. We could add other fabrics to this.

The "ugly" fabric had images of fruit (pears, stonefruit, and kiwis) in pinks, purples, and green printed on a light yellow background.

I pieced a green patchwork background then used raw edge fusible applique to make the flowers which I fussy cut from the pear shapes. I used the kiwis for the center of the flowers (hence the title). I also used the ugly fabric as an inner border and the leaves.

This was the first quilt I did with couched yarn, which I used for the flower stems and also in the outer border. I used a zigzag stitch to couch the variegated yarn but since then I usually couch yarn or cord with a straight stitch using thread that matches the yarn.

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Both Spring Forward and Kiwi Flowers are in the “Flower Power” show at the Emporium, 233 Xenia Ave. in Yellow Springs. This show features a wide range of art with floral themes and is being presented by the Jafagirls and the Monday Morning Artists, many of whom painted the sunflowers on St. Rt. 68 just north of the village.

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