Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things to Pack for an Art Show

This last weekend I was at the Westerville Art and Music Festival in Westerville, Ohio (just north east of Columbus). The show is held in Heritage Park, which is a fairly large park with 12’ x 12’ booths with no one behind you. I was up on the grassy area across from the pond.

It was warm when we left. We arrived at 9 am and around 9:30 am I dropped a panel on my foot, it took off a little bit of the nail on my big toe and part of the skin. It didn’t hurt much, but it did bleed. A lot. I didn’t know the toe had that much blood in it. I managed to grab a paper towel and compress it while I looked for the bandages.
Things to pack: bandages.

The photo is not my stash of bandages. This is my emergency sewing kit. I like it because it’s made of a strong plastic. I did have some bandages packed, it just took me a minute to remember where, as it wasn’t in the obvious place.
Things to pack: sandals.Wear the closed-toe shoes while setting up and then change to the sandals.

The show started at 11 am. I was set up at 11 am. It started to rain at 11 am. It rained for three hours straight. I considered bringing a raincoat but thought that when it rains, I’ll be in the tent. What I didn’t think of was what I’d do when I went on a bathroom break.
Things to pack: raincoat.

I did have some large trash bags that I’ve carried around for the last 3 years and never used, so I got one out, cut a head and arm holes then went off.
Things to pack: trash bag.

With the steady rain was a drop in temperature, and even though it was warm when we left, I did take along a long-sleeve shirt, which I put on when it got cool.
Things to pack: sweatshirt for if it gets cool. The raincoat might be able to double for this one.

But I still wasn’t warm enough. Luckily, I had some baby quilts for sale, so I put one over my legs to keep me warm. Three years and it’s the first time it’s been cool enough to make use of some of my wares. In the middle of July.
Things to pack: quilts!

It could’ve been worse. At least it didn’t rain during set-up. It hadn’t rain the night before so the grass wasn’t wet. It was dry in the tent (mostly). And people still came to the show, even in the rain.
Things to pack: umbrella.

On Sunday, the weather was much better, sunny and cool, and the sales were better, also.
Things to pack: sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat or visor to block the glare from the canopy top.


Barbara Dunshee said...

I enjoyed this, thanks for the tips!

Mystic Silks http:mysticsilks.etsy.com said...

Quilts, what a blast huh?

Good thing you had set up before the rain came. God bless your DH too--:)