Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nudge from the Universe: Sometimes it's possible to try too hard

Yesterday I was making several quilted postcards when the universe reminded me that sometimes it's possible to try to hard. I was working on the last postcard and ready to be finished. I decided to use some hand-painted pink and orange fabric pieces leftover from another project. I spent awhile rearranging the fabric trying to come up with an layout that I liked, but nothing really spoke to me.

I decided to step back for a little bit and left the studio to take care of some household chores. A few minutes later the phone rang and on my way back into the studio, "Cotton Candy Pinwheels" (pictured below) caught my eye and in a flash, I knew that I should just cut the pink and orange pieces and make a pinwheel and add a border on the left and right sides.

I'm really happy with the way the postcard came out, and sometimes simple is really best. It's a traditional quilt square but with non-traditional fabric. So thanks to Lovely Rita who was the one that called me. And yes, you really can send a quilted postcard through the mail.

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