Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cascades Fabric Mosaic on Exhibit with Best of 2009 Show

"Cascades" Fabric Mosaic, made by Pam Geisel, November 2008

In the rules for entries for "Quilt National," they require that the quilts be fabric or "fabric-like" material and composed of 2 complete layers held together by stitching. When I make my "Fabric Mosaics," they are made of little pieces of fabric arranged and secured to a backing fabric with a piece of netting is placed on top and the whole thing is stitched together. So technically my Fabric Mosaics are quilts, but due to their delicate nature, I like to frame them.

And while I haven't been promoting them any more than I do my "regular" quilts, they've been getting a bit of attention lately. Three of them are currently on display or scheduled to be on display soon.

My piece "Cascades" is in the Ohio Designer Craftsman's "Best of 2009" show. The traveling exhibit will be at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus until June 21; at the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth from July 3-Aug. 26; at the Mansfield Art Center from Sept. 13-Oct. 25; and at the Wayne Center for the Arts from Nov. 12-Dec. 19.

And as for the other two Fabric Mosaics, I'll post about them when it's closer to the exhibit openings.

More about Cascades.

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OliveStreetStudio said...

This is beautiful! COngratulations on the showings - so nice to be so recognized for your work.