Sunday, November 6, 2022

Granny Squares/VOTE art quilt series

 "Women's Work," "Peace Wheel," and "Half the Sky," each is 30" x 36" and are the Granny Square/VOTE series handmade by Pam Geisel. (Larger photos of each are at the bottom of the post.)

Each of these quilts features hand crocheted granny squares arranged and applique quilted on a vintage white curtain panel. The curtain panels are then quilted to a colored fabric.

Each granny square is a mini quilt with a layer of batting and sheer fabric behind the granny square and held together with hand stitching that create either a letter or a symbol with different colors of embroidery floss.

Each quilt has the word "VOTE' incorporated somewhere on the quilt and they are embellished with buttons and beads.

The last letter of “Work” is intentionally unfinished, with the embroidery floss left hanging.

= = =

More about Women's Work

The original rhymed couplet is "Man may work from sun to sun, But woman's work is never done." I certainly know a lot of men who work very hard and their work is also never ending, but I believe women’s work won’t be done until ALL women have the same rights as men. In this quilt the VOTE is larger hand embroidered letters in the four corners.

More about Peace Wheel

After I made Women's Work I still had many of the hand crocheted granny squares left and I immediately came up with two more ideas that I wanted to play with. Peace Wheel doesn't have letters but it does have symbols that when arranged together form a peace sign in rainbow colors. In this quilt the VOTE is white yarn couched at the top of the quilt in script letters.

More about Half the Sky

I've always liked this quote as it implies and equality and not a competition. In this quilt the VOTE is made with blue glass bugle beads and is placed just under the word "THE."

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