Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunrise Celebration - revisited

"Sunrise Celebration," 21" x 30", handmade by Pam Geisel

I originally made "Sunrise Celebration" in 2015 for a Project Quilting challenge (which you can read about here). At that time I used some hand spun yarn that was given to me to make small hand stitches on the quilt. A few months ago I noticed that some of the stitches had disappeared. Some were gone from the front, and some were gone from the back, and there wasn't even a little pile of yarn underneath it.

I can only assume it was something about the yarn itself, so I took out what was left and replaced it with embroidery floss, which I've used for hand stitching on other quilts and it hasn't disappeared. After I finished this quilt (the first time), I thought it was a little too subtle. 

I haven't made any changes to a quilt after it's finished but since I was going to have to restitch this one, I thought I'd make a small change. This time I used an orange thread for the blue and purple stitches so they'd stand out more. I used the same color maroon on the yellow and there's a pink color to bridge the two in the pink fabrics.

Left shows the new stitches, the right original version

It might be harder to tell from farther away, but if you click on the photos above you might see it.

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