Friday, November 30, 2018

Quilts printed on t-shirts

Now that my images are loaded on to, we decided to do a test run. We ordered five t-shirts and are very happy with the results. Above is me in my "High Line in New York City" on a gray shirt next to the same quilt.

The shirts are a good quality and are soft. And while you can feel the printing, it doesn't feel like it's been painted on like some images on t-shirts do. Above is "Saturn Orbiting" on a navy colored shirt. Because the background is so close to the color of the quilt the image is a little subtle but it's a nice effect. The original quilt is small (7" x 7") so it's larger than the original so you can see the actual stitches from the quilting.

This is "Three Pines" on a charcoal colored shirt. This original was also small (6" x 6") and the trees were outlined with yarn. Even on the shirt it looks like the yarn is three dimensional.

This is "Time Lapse Moon Rise" on a silver colored shirt. All four are the men's athletic cut. There are more color choices in the men's regular fit. There are also v-necks, hooded sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, baseball shirts, women's shirts (my experience is to get a size larger than you usually do), kids and toddler shirts, and onesies. You can check out all the options at

Shipping for the first shirt was $5 and free after that, so we got all five shirts shipped for $5.

You can click on any image to see it larger.

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