Saturday, May 6, 2017

For Quilts Sake: 10 Year Anniversary!

"Rainbow Pinwheel," 44" x 44", made by Pam Geisel, Feb. 2007, in a private collection

It was ten years ago in May when I officially started For Quilts Sake and registered to collect and pay sales tax. I had no idea where it was going to go when I started. I've made over 500 quilts (you can read about that milestone in this blog post from last year), sold quilts all across the country (and a few to other countries), sent quilts to be exhibited across the country (Sisters, Oregon was the farthest in 2010), won awards, led workshops, held trunk shows, and been featured in magazines.

The quilt above, "Rainbow Pinwheel," was made shortly before I officially started and I consider it one of my first true art quilts; the 35 that came before it were based much more on traditional designs. Since I started the blog in 2009, I haven't had a chance to share this quilt with you.

"Rainbow Pinwheel" features nine large cream-colored pinwheel blocks and each pinwheel block had a smaller, rainbow-colored block inside it (pieced, not appliqued, which is probably how I'd do it if I were making this quilt now).

Each of the colored bars in the inner border has a quilting line of the same color that connected to the same color on one of the smaller pinwheels. (I spent a long time with a paper sketch figuring out where to put the quilting lines so they wouldn't all randomly end up in the same place!)

At both ends of that quilting line is a glass bead of the same color. And everywhere the quilting lines met, I added a clear bead, like a prism splitting the white light into color.

One of the things that I love about the photo at the top of the post is that it was taken with the sun behind the quilt, giving it a stained glass feel. This quilt is in a private collection.

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