Monday, December 28, 2015

Custom Quilts made in 2015

It's my annual look back on the custom quilts I made during the year that were made as gifts, so I didn't want to show them too soon and accidentally ruin the surprise.

Click on the photos to see larger views.

T-shirt quilt made with Dad's shirts for his daughter. 47" x 83"

= = =

Front                                           Back

This T-shirt quilt, 74" x 92", is a little different from my usual style because the customer started it and already had the shirts cut into squares. She had also intended on using a pieced quilt top for the back.

= = =
"Murphy Theater" (Wilmington, Ohio) fabric mosaic, 11" x 14" framed

  = = =
"Ivy's Favorite Place" fabric mosaic, 11" x 14" framed. Ivy is a cat and a cardboard box was her favorite place.

= = =
"African Animals" lap/throw quilt, 43" x 65"

"African Animals" detail, it's a "Disappearing Nine Patch."

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